Increase employee engagement,
team cohesion, and operational efficiency

WHAT is the Workforce Engagement Equation (TheWEQ)

TheWEQ is a comprehensive process and analytics that improves team effectiveness and employee engagement:

Team Assessments + Leadership Feedback +  Training Structure, Testing, and Tracking


TheWEQ Dashboard: Your team's health at a glance!

A full suite of solutions
at an affordable price

TheWEQ is a suite of solutions built around a unifying methodology that combines:

  1. Intuitive team diagnostics linked to downloadable project plans, tools, and templates you can customize
  2. Leadership assessments and development resources
  3. Training and qualification management and reporting
  4. Articles and blogs
  5. Discussion forums
  6. Training webinars

TheWEQ gives you the tools to grow personally and professionally,
helping you consistently lead your team to higher performance

TheWEQ Improvement Cycle

TheWEQ Boosts Your Organizational Intelligence

Thriving teams don't spontaneously form and successful teams don't endure without inspirational leadership, operational systems and technologies, and solid business acumen woven together with effective management - these are essential elements of Organizational Intelligence TheWEQ boosts your OQ.

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