Measurably increase employee engagement and team performance 

Powerful workforce engagement solutions affordably all together 

YOU CARE about the work and about your team; it's important to get the job done and develop your team members

YOU WORK HARD and are committed to getting quality results and expect everyone on your team to do their part

YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED with superficial "quick fixes", "fads", and "pop psychology"

YOU WANT MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENT in performance, retention, and profitability

Proven to improve

Reduce Team Stress:

Solve the Workforce Engagement Equation

Stressed out team member

You're team is working hard; discover exactly what they need to help make their work a little easier!

Supporting your team takes WORK (plus a proven strategy); no need to figure everything out alone, use the methodology and software that empowers you


To help you measurably improve organizational health and maturity I'm happy to provide you with affordable tools, and methods that are easy to implement

This suite of solutions has proven 100% successful in every organization that has utilized it

Satisfied Leader

Teams struggle for many reasons:

  • Lack of shared vision
  • No reason for individual commitment
  • Haphazard communications
  • Basic mismanagement
  • Too many priorities
  • Poor systems design
  • Inadequate onboarding and employee orientation
  • Inequitable "rewards and consequences"
  • Shortage of training (and no time or resources)
  • Disproportionate reliance on the skills and efforts of a few
  • Overengineered process improvement efforts
  • Shallow bench-strength and no succession planning


So many teams have struggled over the past year, fewer than a third of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget. (Source: Standish Group )

QUICKLY discover exactly what your team needs and
access the strategies, tools, and templates to


The Workforce Engagement Equation (TheWEQ)





TEAM DEVELOPMENT: TheWEQ is a self-contained, comprehensive online-program that will allow your team to measure the effectiveness of 50 essential elements of organizational health and maturity.  Ready-Reference library is linked to each element for reference and training.  Downloadable tools and templates enable you and your team to address the identified areas of improvement.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: The software contains a Leadership Feedback instrument that enables you to gather feedback on 25 critical characteristics of effective leaders.

TRAINING MANAGEMENT: The software also includes training management and tracking.  The software is so EASY AND INTUITIVE you'll be able to implement structured training for your entire team.  Think about it, how much YOUR TEAM WILL APPRECIATE the CLEAR DIRECTION AND OPPORTUNTIES with everything from new employee orientation, job specific training, and leadership development structured and available to them at their fingertips.  

TheWEQ suite of solutions will help your passion-fueled vision come to life!  Get started today transforming your group into a highly engaged and a wildly successful TEAM. 

What you need is a

CSX Train

"I have experienced more progress changing the culture in the two years since we started applying TheWEQ than I had seen in the past 25 years with the company. The statistics really support the process."

Nick Weber. Manager of Work Equipment, CSX


There was such value in the tools and guidance provided to navigate our small company through an exercise in organizational assessment. The results of the evaluation combined with professional advice gave focus to our strategic planning and insights into organizational improvement.

Sharon Brookshire. VP of Operations, ACEware Systems

AceWare Logo

"We believe the tool is very effective…and getting the results is timely and doesn’t require someone to explain them – self-explanatory!"

Frank Brayton. Director LNG Operations, Dominion Energy













IT'S TIME to give you team the data, tools,
and training they need TO THRIVE!

Here's what TheWEQ can give you in as little as 1 month!

Week 1: Team Assessment

Meet with the team to introduce the idea.  E-Mail the instructions to the team with a link to to take the six-part assessments

Total Time: 1 hour to meet and about 1 hour to take assessments (6 - 12 minutes per section)

Stage 1 Additional Content
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Team Debrief

Week 2: Team Debrief

Meet with the team and share the assessment results

Select the 1 or 2 elements the team prioritizes to "move the needle"

Total Time: 1/2 day planning session

Stage 2 Additional Content

Week 3: Solution Development

Utilize the feedback, tools, and templates to design and develop a team introvention - engage your team to increase buy-in

Total Time: 1 - 1.5 weeks

Stage 3 Additional Content
Develop Solutions
Team Meeting

Week 4: Solution Implementation

Utilize the feedback, tools, and templates to design and develop a team introvention

Total Time: 1 - 1.5 weeks

Stage 4 Additional Content


Follow-up with the team by taking the assessments and measure your progress

Make course Corrections as needed

The Comparison report allows you to monitory team progress

In addition to TheWEQ assessments, dashboard reports, project plans, tools and templates, you will also unlock access to:

Leadership Development

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Helping everyone become the best version of themselves is integral to building high performance teams

Accurate, detailed, and timely feedback helps every team member grow personally and professionally

There is no better way to gather this feedback than to solicit input from those you work most closely

TheWEQ leadership assessments give actionable feedback to help you grow personally and professionally

TheWEQ leadership feedback uses behavioral based descriptors to give accurate and actionable input to help you grow and support your team

Training Management



High performing teams focus on skills, team, and leadership development

TheWEQ provides the simplest process to implement, monitor, and sustain an effective training program

  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to update
  • Proven sustainable

Your dashboard allows you to easily monitor and manage the skills development of your entire team


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TheWEQ entire

TheWEQ Platform

Team Assessments ($1000 Value)

  • Five-stage of team health and maturity assessments (5)
  • Comments and feedback form (1)
  • Reports for teams, sub-teams, or the entire organization
  • Track and compare changes over time
  • Printable and downloadable reports (CSV or PDF formats)

Training Library ($150 Value)

  • Library of indicators, descriptors, and explanations of 50 Essential Elements (10 per stage)

360 Leadership Feedback ($250 Value)

  • Leadership assessment and feedback
  • Descriptors of the 25 elements of effective team leadership
  • Printable and downloadable reports (CSV or PDF formats)

Training Management ($500 Value)

  • Create and print detailed job qualification/training checklists (QCLs) listing required knowledge, skills, and tasks
  • Link resources such as procedures, URLs, and videos for easy access
  • Assign Subject Matter Experts to document training
  • Track individual and team progress
  • Manage and track periodic and refresher training
  • Training Policy Template
  • QCL Sample Template for Upload

Downloadable Content ($820 Value)

Downloadable Content for Stage 1: Forming ($125 combined value)

  • Editable forming project plan template and instructions ($25 value)
  • Simple value proposition worksheet and instructions ($10 value)
  • Team charter template and instructions ($10 value)
  • DISC temperament assessments and instructions ($40 per team member value)
  • Strategic-communication template and instructions ($10 value)
  • Tactical-communication template and instructions ($10 value)
  • Meeting agenda template and instructions ($10 value)
  • Meeting notes & assignments template and instructions ($10 value)

Downloadable Content for Stage 2: Focusing ($35 combined value)

  • Editable focusing project plan template and instructions ($25 value)
  • Decision criteria template and instructions ($ 10 value)

Downloadable Content for Stage 3: Committing ($560 combined value)

  • Editable committing project plan template and instructions ($25 value)
  • Training/qualifications policy template ($500 value)
  • QCL template for uploading your content and instructions ($10 value)
  • TheWEQ leadership practitioner QCL template and instructions ($25 value)

Downloadable Content for Stage 4: Sustaining ($55 combined value)

  • Editable sustaining project plan template and instructions ($25 value)
  • Task prioritization template and instructions ($10 value)
  • Individual performance analysis template and instructions ($10 value)
  • Individual performance improvement action planning template and instructions ($10 value)

Downloadable Content for Stage 5: Renewal ($45 combined value)

  • Editable renewal project plan template and instructions ($25 value)
  • Meeting assessment and instructions and instructions ($10 value)
  • Succession planning nine-box assessment matrix and instructions ($10 value)

When you add it all up that's a combined value of
$2,720 in software and content!

Because I'm committed to creating thriving teams that provide security and hope, I’m giving you the opportunity to utilize TheWEQ suite of solutions TODAY at the special limited-time price of just...


Choose the Pilot Project: Give TheWEQ a try by piloting the software: full access for the team lead with limited access for 3 team members for only $250/year

(Add additional feedback only members at $10/year each)


Choose the Small Team Membership: Great for small teams of up to 6 members for $500/year

(Add an additional 3 members for $250/year)


Choose the Large/Multi-Team Membership: Utilize TheWEQ for up to 20 members for ($1000/year)

(Add unlimited additional team members as needed for only $50/year each )

Pilot Project

$250 per Year
  • Full Access for 1 + 3 "Feedback Only"
  • Unlimited Team Assessments for 4 Team Members
  • Individual Leadership Assessment
  • Team Leader Qualification Checklist
  • Training Tracking for 4
  • Downloadable Templates
  • Training Descriptions of the 50 Elements of Team Health and Maturity
  • 1 Membership in the Online Community and Discussion Forums
  • Ability to Add More Feedback Only Team Members @ $10 ea

Small Team Membership

$500 per Year
  • Full Access for 6 with annual subscription
  • Unlimited Team Assessments for 6 Team Members
  • Leadership Assessments for 6
  • Team Leader Qualification Checklist
  • Training Tracking for 6
  • Downloadable Templates
  • Training Descriptions of the 50 Elements of Team Health and Maturity
  • 6 Membership in the Online Community and Discussion Forums
  • Ability to Add 3 Additional Full Access Members for $250

Large/Multi-Team Membership

$1000 per Year
  • Full Access for 20 with subscription
  • Unlimited Team Assessments for 20 Members
  • Leadership Assessment for 20
  • Team Leader Qualification Checklist
  • Training Tracking for 20
  • Downloadable Templates
  • Training Descriptions of the 50 Elements of Team Health and Maturity
  • 20 Memberships in the Online Community and Discussion Forums
  • Ability to Add More Full Access Members @ $50 ea

I'm 100% committed to your success, are you?

Join with confidence!

We have a 100% Success Guarantee.

I understand the need to feel confident in your investment, so I’m offering a 100% Success Guarantee. I’ve meticulously and intentionally developed this program to ensure you get results. Simply put, if you do the work as instructed and for whatever reason aren’t satisfied, I’ll work with you personally to ensure you have developed a plan that will lead to your team's success.

It’s time to dedicate 100% of yourself and invest in your own success and the success of your team. You’re one decision away from having the diagnostics and tools. Read more below under FAQ

*This is NOT to be confused with a refund policy. Due to the nature of the digital product, all sales are final. However, we ARE 100% committed to your success!

Answers to some of your questions

TheWEQ will make your team more productive and more cohesive

TheWEQ Logo

A Complete Business Audit

TheWEQ assessments are much different than other employee surveys.

Since we know that there are many factors that determine the success of teams, TheWEQ gauges the effectiveness of:

  • Human factors and processes
  • Management operating systems
  • Customer management
  • Quality control and process improvement

Combined with Leadership Development and Training Management

How it works:

Step 1:

Click one of the bright blue buttons on this page, select which membership option you prefer, fill out your details and complete payment.

*please choose correct payment type as it can’t be reversed. Due to nature of this digital content ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Step 2:

Log in to your membership portal to register your team.  Take note of your transaction code, it will be used to set up your team within TheWEQ Assessment engine.  

Once you're team is set up, you'll be able to notify them to log in and start accessing the information and resources.

Step 3:

Sense → Interpret → Respond

TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Conduct your leadership assessments to identify your development opportunities

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Gain insight with the 360 feedback tool.

TRAINING MANAGEMENT: Give your teams the skills they need to thrive!

My commitment to your success!

I can't wait to get started helping you and your team to thrive!

Photo of Jamison J. Manion
Author Jamison J. Manion, MBA

The Workforce Engagement Equation: A Practitioner's Guide to Creating and Sustaining High Performance

A Practitioner's Guide to High Performance

My name is Jamison J. Manion, MBA

Because of my commitment to create and sustain good jobs, I've taken everything I've learned over 30+ years of experience in business, as a leader, and as a management consultant to write The Workforce Engagement Equation: A Practitioner's Guide to Creating and Sustaining High Performance (TheWEQ)

Think of TheWEQ like an MBA in a box! You don't need to hire an expensive consulting firm - you'll get everything you need in one place

I've had 100% success with every client who took the time to care enough to engage their team! I want you to have the same great experience

If you're DETERMINED to succeed then it’s time to invest in yourself and your team. The success of your team is worth the minimal Investment of your time and money. In order to develop a sustainable and thriving team. 

TheWEQ is not a magic wand, it requires consistent effort and dedication on your part.

If you're ready to make a difference, DELAY NO LONGER, JOIN NOW!

I promise to work with you to help you succeed!

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