INSTRUCTIONS: Updating Training Records

You and your team are busy - don't overcomplicate things

Overly complex training programs invariably collapse under administrative overload

TheWEQ training records are easy to update,
easy to track, and intuitive to understand

Step 1:

Employees use printouts of their Qualifications/Training Checklists (QCLs) to track their progress learning their jobs.

When an employee has prepared to demonstrate their knowledge or abilities for a line item, they initial under the "Employee" column.

Once the System/Subject Matter Expert (SME) validates the team member's knowledge and/or abilities, they initial the column marked "Verified By" and record the date.


QCLs used to track training progress

Step 2:

The role of SME is assigned to team members based on their knowledge of the requirements and performance criteria for the job, system, or process and their ability to train others.  They are your approved trainers.

SMEs can only see the QCLs they are authorized to update.

When they want to document training, they select the QCL they'd like to update.

Selecting Update Training Records

Step 3:

You can update an individual or entire group's training progress easily and quickly.

Select the group or individuals.

The search function helps you find what you're looking for quickly.

Select the QCL you'd like to update.

Step 4:

The SME or an administrator updates the electronic record based on the submitted initialed QCL.

Simply click the boxes for any completed tasks.

If the entire group completed a requirement, like a class, select all with the box on left side.

Updating an individual's training record

Step 5:

Once you have selected the boxes for the individual(s) or group(s), simply click the Submit Button.


Submit the updated records to record completion

Step 6:

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your submission showing the date of completion.

Selecting 'Yes" confirms, Selecting "No" allows you to go back and make changes.

A pop up asks you to confirm your update

Step 7:

The table now shows previously completed tasks grayed out.

Individual progress is shown at the top of each column as percent complete.

Previously updated tasks are now grayed out