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People are your only sustainable competitive advantage - when your team is thriving, your organization is thriving!

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TheWEQ is your comprehensive software-enhanced team building solution
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TheWEQ Team Health Cycle

More than just
"Team Building" and "Leadership".

TheWEQ software, tools, templates, and training will propel your success; you'll find solutions rapidly building strong teams that consistently deliver value.

You'll improve your success rate building helathy teams by mastering the 5 elements surrounding and supported by the "Performance Triangle".

  1. Human Factors: Your People are Your Competitive Advantage
  2. Systems and Technology: Systems that Serve - Not Demand Service
  3. Business Acumen: Maximize Your Return on Investment
  4. Management: Maximize Resources, Time, and Talent
  5. Leadership: The Inspiration and Courage to Be the Change

TheWEQ reports informs your decisions.

Member Resources:
Tools, templates, and training help you design and implement solutions
helping you support your team

TheWEQ is your total solution to achieve sustainable balance.

It started with a book, now powered by technology and supported by a dynamic online community:

TheWEQ is your step-by-step process to form healthy teams faster with less confusion and conflict.

Whether forming a new team or reenergizing and aligning an existing team, TheWEQ measurably increases team engagement and productivity

The intuitive five-stage model of team health and maturity serves as a framework that helps you implement 10 essential elements for each stage ensuring teams form faster and more effectively. 

Rapid team assessments target your efforts so your team spends less time on non-value added activities

A Practitioner's Step-by-Step Guide to High Performance

Click on each of 5 stages below for a quick overview of the goals TheWEQ helps you quickly accomplish during each stage of your team's development:


Forming: Occurs as individuals first come together and begin transitioning into a team.

Goals: As the team lead, you have three goals to form the team well:

  1. Establish trust
  2. Lay out a clear vision/mission
  3. Demonstrate how each team member will benefit

Success Indicators:

  • Shared purpose & Identity
  • Widespread understanding of the team’s mission
  • Growing excitement
TheWEQ ensures team stability

TheWEQ methodology and assessments helps you diagnose and build a solid team and healthy organization that consistently delivers value because TheWEQ empowers you to achieve Comprehensive Organizational Management.

Like three legs of a stool, The 50 elements of TheWEQ methodology ensures stability:

  • Elements of Impactful Leadership: 20%
  • Elements of a Healthy Organizational Climate: 20%
  • Elements of Comprehensive Management: 60%

Your annual membership provides:

  1. A comprehensive suite of team assessments
  2. Diagnostic reports linked to detailed explanations
  3. Downloadable customizable plans, tools, and templates