INSTRUCTIONS: Reviewing Training Records

Step 1:

To check training progress select a QCL.


Select the QCL to monitor progress

Step 2:

The header contains summary information:

  • How many employees are assigned
  • How many are complete and incomplete
  • The average days to complete
  • You can select the number of records to review on a page
  • Search for specific records
Training progress header information

Step 3:

The progress report shows the following for every assigned team member:

  • Start Date: the day the were assigned the QCL
  • Completion Date: the day they have completed 100% of the tasks
  • Percent Complete: the progress they've made
    (when a task requires refresher, the percent complete will drop below 100% when one expires)
  • Total Days: days elapsed since the start date
  • Elapsed days: the days since assigned for those who are not completely qualified
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Step 4:

Select the print icon to review the details of an individual's qualification progress

Select the individual's QCL

Step 5:

You can review the details of a individual's Qualification Checklist (QCL) and print the report for use in the field if incomplete.

Team member's QCL showing completed tasks