Welcome to TheWEQ Community of Practice

Welcome to the Workforce Engagement Equation Community of Practice!

Welcome to the Community of practitioners who truly desire to make a positive difference in their world and want to support others to do the same.  The Workforce Engagement Equation (TheWEQ) is a culmination of learning from years of “in the trenches” management and leadership.

As a young supervisor I had fewer tools – too few in fact. Applying what tools I had I sometimes got the job done; other times the tools at my disposal proved inadequate.  There were times when the job got done but, it wasn’t pretty – many an organizational hole was patched with “Management Duct Tape”!

Over the years of practice, study, trials, and errors I slowly filled my management toolbox and I became more skilled.  In the model of old world craftsman, I progressed from apprentice to journeyman.  Along the path I encountered experienced craftsman who cared enough to mentor me.  I will forever be in their debt.  The only way to pay back the debt of mentorship is to mentor those who follow.  TheWEQ is my way of  paying-it-forward. 

Young guns are fast; old guns are deliberate.  As a young man I was more certain in my judgment – swift and final.  Looking back, I see that many sentences I passed were wrong.  The more I’ve learned, the more I realized how little I knew.  I’d grasp a single piece of the puzzle and hold it aloft proclaiming it was the “Big Picture”.  Pieces that I didn’t have the understanding of where to place, I ignored.  And there are oh so many pieces. 

Older now, and more measured in my approach I wanted to build a framework to hold the pieces.  Understanding the patterns makes assembling the parts into a comprehensible whole.  TheWEQ is a template where your pieces can be assembled to build a complete picture.  And like art, each of us has our own management style.  I may like more blues, you may like more shades of red.  Regardless of individual tastes, there are essential elements in art, leadership, and management that are timeless and universal.  TheWEQ is the practitioner’s guide to assembling the myriad of pieces into your own organizational masterpiece. 

Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with me. 

Jamison J. Manion