Welcome to TheWEQ Community of Practice

Welcome to the Workforce Engagement Equation Community of Practice! Welcome to the Community of practitioners who truly desire to make a positive difference in their world and want to support others to do the same.  The Workforce Engagement Equation (TheWEQ) is a culmination of learning from years of “in the trenches” management and leadership. As…

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How to Boost Workforce Engagement

If engagement is better for workers and better for businesses, why don’t we have more of it?  Survival requires three things: food, water, shelter. These are the basic elements essential to sustaining life. You could call them the elements of the “Survival Equation”. Having these elements is sufficient to eke out a living. But, unless…

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TheWEQ Improvement cycle

We start each new year vowing this is the year we’re going to make improvements: our health, our looks, our productivity, and even cleaning up after our dog at the park more often!  Of all of the things we could improve upon, one of the most important improvement we can make is our relationships with…

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