Using TheWEQ Assessment Engine

Our research has shown that there are 50 Elements that impact organization’s ability to efficiently achieve their goals and establish impactful employee engagement.

The 50 Elements are grouped as follows:

Stage 1 - Forming: Defining the vision and value proposition, strategic resourcing and staffing, and bringing individuals together to begin transitioning them into teams

Stage 2 - Focusing: The development of systems and procedures, providing goal and role clarification, solving problems, and aligning the organization towards achieving the mission

Stage 3 - Committing: Building competence and proficiency delivering on the organization’s value proposition empowering teams to embrace the mission as their own thereby building commitment to team success

Stage 4 - Sustained Performance: Standardizing the processes and procedures to ensure cohesive and consistent deliver of value to customers and stakeholders

Stage 5 - Renewal: Sustaining a culture of excellence through continuous improvements, empowering employee development, compensation, and rewards, along with proactive succession planning

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Taking the Online Assessments

Select one of the assessments from the menu. It is recommended to take them in order. If you are a new team, just take the first. Down the line, you can take the others as your team matures together.

When you’ve selected an assessment, you’ll be presented with ten (10) sets of paired statements addressing critical elements of organizational effectiveness for the given stage. Each statement reflects opposite ends of the effectiveness spectrum.

Forming Element 01-01 With Comments 2020-06

Consider each statement, which most describes your experience within your organization - the one on the left or the one on the right?

Once you've decided on a statement, select whether that statement is "Most" like your organization or "Somewhat" like your organization. Click on the button indicating your choice. You can only make one selection per pair of statements.

TheWEQ Element 01:01 Assessment Pair


You may have to scroll within the window to read the complete statement.

Once you have made a selection for each of the ten (10) paired statements, click on the Submit Button at the bottom of the assessment.

NOTE: If you exit without submitting your responses, the assessment will not be saved and you’ll have to select your options again.

Once you have made a selection for each of the ten (10) paired statements and submitted your selections, you will receive an "Assessment submitted successfully" message.

Your input is anonymously combined with others' into reports showing the overall health and maturity of the organization. Click here to learn about TheWEQ Reports.

NOTE: Error messages will tell you if you have skipped any of the paired statements. You must make a selection for every pair.

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